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It Is Completely Free To Find Food Trucks All Around The World Food Trucks Can Choose Between Multiple Plans To Have Their Food Truck Displayed On Our Map.

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Introducing the best food truck locator app that we believe to be game-changing.

We aim to help both sides, truck owners and customers get connected safely, so we tried to make everything as easy as possible.

  • Yummy Truck Locator is an exceptional mobile app designed to help people find food truckst.
  • Help truck owners get customers heatmaps.
  • Manage multiple trucks, pay with in-app currency.
  • Apply calculations with a basic point of sale system, get custom icons, and much more.

Customer Descriptions

Customer locations that are collected are blurred out in a way that their exact location is randomized to capture only the city or nearby area and will be cleared out with a randomized time stamp so they will stay as safe as possible.

No user location is kept forever in our database, and their hardware id is collected, so they cannot make a rate twice.

Users can open the app and easily click on the find food truck icon to get into the map. Customers can search a food truck, or search for multiple trucks

They can tap on any truck on the map and hit on the title bar, or by clicking the info icon in the small menu panel they can get a full big menu with trucks full information. The small menu panel contains the truck's name, short descriptions, makes a phone call, sends an email, adds to favorites, navigate to a truck, distance of the truck in miles, and truck thumbnail. The big menu panel will contain the truck's cover photo, descriptions, work hours, workdays, submit a rate, phone number, email address, and truck name. In the scrollable menu right at the very bottom are selectable menus such as find truck, search food, favorites, and store.

Truck Descriptions

Truck owners and customers get connected safely, We made everything as easy as possible.

  • 3 days free service.
  • People find the food truck in a second.
  • Customers heatmaps.
  • Truck advertisement.
  • Manage multiple trucks.

A small menu will show up a rounded indicator stating green for the availability of the truck and means the truck is online and serving, red for being closed, yellow indicates that the truck is busy and blue means that the truck is in its stationary mode. There is an ads panel on the very top that gives the allowance to pay for advertising for a while.

Fully Customization and Features

3 days free service

They can pay $0.99 to own add a truck just to avoid spam users adding random trucks. If they contact us, we offer limited-time free truck addition so they can test all our features with a 3 days free service. They can edit their truck at any time just by clicking edit truck. They can pay for small icons that are chicken truck, pizza truck, taco truck, and a lot more, also there are bigger truck icons as we name it VIP icons that are slightly bigger on the map with a yellow cover that is more noticeable. Prices for each small icon go for $0.99 and each VIP icon $1.99

  • 70 icons to pick.
  • Upload Image for each truck.
  • Food menu.
  • Truck thumbnail photo.
  • Truck Cover.

Company Members

About Team members.

TJ Hendrian

Ceo & Founder

He Loves Playing Around With Raspberry Pis And WebServers. He Started Developing When He Was 13 In Middle School. He Is A Big Dreamer And Eats At Food Trucks Daily.

Masood Asir


Super Programmer Who Enjoys Messing With Anything Computer Related. Chips, Apps, Software, White Hat HAcking, Encrypter, Graphic Design, 3D Design, He Knows It All... If You Have A Problem You Know Who To Call.

Ali Asir

He Is A Master Webdesigner, Graphic Designer, Payment System Designer, Encrypter, And Overlooks All Operations To Make Sure Everything Is Running Smoothly.


Is Is Completely Free To Find Food Trucks All Around The World, Food Trucks Can Choose Between Multiple Plans To Have Their Food Truck Displayed On Our Map. $0.99 Regristration Fee Adds Your Food Truck On Our App For 3 Days After That It is.


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  • Multi
  • Heatmaps
  • Real Live
  • 24/7 service
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40$360 Days

  • Promotion
  • Multi
  • Heatmaps
  • Real Live
  • 24/7 service
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